What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD

We know it can be difficult to learn all the CBD definitions without spending hours of research piecing together info from across the web, and if you’re anything like our team of working moms, you’ll appreciate a simple breakdown that goes over everything needed to know in one article.

Misinformation risks a higher chance of disappointment for buyers that get a below-average quality product or a CBD type that is the wrong effect the user wishes to specifically receive from the product. 

A Simple Spectrum CBD Explanation

Before exploring the differences between the 3 main forms of CBD, it’s important to understand what it really is and how it creates the peaceful feeling that it’s popularly known for.

CBD (or ‘Cannabidiol’) is one of more than a hundred compounds (‘cannabinoids’) within the Cannabis plant (or “hemp plant, cannabis sativa“) that gives the herbal supplement its large varieties of comforting relief results.

Each of these compounds has a unique effect that adds to the many properties of cannabinoids, but there isn’t enough research available yet to know all the individual properties of each one.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System? The Highway Inside Your Nervous System

When each of these assembles after you’ve used a CBD product, they put all their properties together to create a unique wellness routine for its user.

Multiple cannabinoids travel across your endocannabinoid system and attach to their matching receptors. Scientists have only recently begun in-depth studies into researching the role these chemicals have within our biological functions.

The latest information shows their necessity for many neural functions like:

  • Procedure for handling soreness
  • Movement control
  • Accurate coordination
  • Memory & learning operations
  • Emotion processing

Your body is made to process them naturally through this delivery structure inside your nervous system. That’s why certain forms of cannabis can cause a feeling of intoxication in users that consume higher amounts of other cannabinoids that are considered to be psychoactive compounds.

This curious road is part of both our central and peripheral nervous systems that carry cannabis chemicals to their specially-made cannabinoid receptors, but most intriguing of all is that we share this system of electrochemical feelings with all animals throughout every type of species.

That’s what allows man’s best friend, dogs, to enjoy the chilled-out sensation alongside their owner’s use of full spectrum CBD oil as a relaxing escape from the stresses of everyday life in a mom’s world.

Early-stage research suggests there is still much to learn about cannabis components, but there is enough knowledge about the major cannabinoids to create different versions of the hemp plants that are used to create CBD-derived products that focus on producing a specific outcome from amounts of other cannabis compounds present in the hemp-derived CBD.

The Ranges of Spectrum CBD

With at least 113 cannabis compounds the possibilities of combinations & levels of quantities are endless. The list of combos can even extend further by including other compounds outside the cannabis plant cannabinoids such as additions of terpene, a natural product produced by elements all throughout our world, called the entourage effect.

The large range and unique composition of these within the hemp plant and any levels of entourage effect are what make up the spectrum CBD categories.

What are the 3 types of CBD products?

When cannabis-derived products are classified as CBD products, it has the highest amount out of the cannabinoid majorities (CBD, Delta 9 THC, & CBN). This means all CBD product types have one important thing in common; all of them have CBD as the primary ingredient out of the major cannabinoids.

Then they’re divided into three main categories:

  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Isolate

Full Spectrum CBD Cannabinoids

As the main focus of the spectrum CBD form covered in this article, it will be explored in detail so any questions about full-spectrum CBD will be answered after reading.

Often considered the most organic CBD form, CBD products are developed using manufacturing processes that leave the chemical composition of the hemp-derived CBD almost exactly as it naturally appears in the hemp plant.

Therefore all cannabis cannabinoids, terpenes executing the entourage effect, and even trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3 THC, the FDA-approved CBD legal minimum amounts of THC that are allowed).

Before buying a CBD product, make sure it has undergone third-party testing to be certain as to how much THC a full-spectrum product contains in the delta 9 THC content analysis on the said third-party lab report.

The certificate of analysis should have a full list of everything that is inside the CBD product and will cover everything from toxins that shouldn’t be there or the percentage of real, organic, USA-grown hemp CBD amounts present.

Although only trace amounts of THC are present, this is the unique defining factor of full-spectrum CBD since both broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate do not contain any THC content.

Plant-based cannabinoids are prevalent across the entire range of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hence the name ‘full-spectrum.’ Hemp-derived CBD products considered to be full-spectrum are regarded as the most potent.

If we imagine full spectrum CBD as a normal vanilla birthday cake being sold at a bakery, the ingredients list, metaphorically representing all the cannabinoid compounds found inside CBD oils, would include all the regular ingredients that are involved when baking a normal vanilla flavored cake.

No dietary restrictions, normal gluten-filled flour, and regular fresh-from-the-farm eggs. All ingredients are from non-GMO organic sources but are what is needed to craft a plain vanilla birthday cake.

Benefits of full spectrum CBD products

Out of the 3 types of CBD products, full spectrum has the most effective benefits because of the entourage effect from a majority of cannabinoid compounds found within the cannabis plant.

Due to the combination of these major and minor cannabinoids that produce said entourage effect, many wellness benefits of full spectrum CBD products are more effective than even ‘pure’ isolate CBD.

Some of the more popular benefits obtained from full-spectrum CBD products include:

  • Skin, hair, & nail health
  • Promoting calming senses
  • Induce sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Muscular spasms

full spectrum CBD product examples

Since there are multiple ways of intaking CBD, products take advantage of them alongside recipes of cannabis compounds for certain effects most beneficial to a situation such as:

  • soreness relief to flare up soreness or swelling after an exercise workout with full spectrum CBD oil balm muscle cream
  • Easily dozing off using full spectrum CBD oil tincture drops that fight sleeplessness by reducing life’s tensions and strains
  • Snacking on gum drop full spectrum CBD gummies to unwind in a soothing dreamlike state after a long & hard day of work
  • Rubbing full spectrum CBD body oil as a daily skin care routine to repair any dry, crackling skin damage or rejuvenate brittle hair and weak nails with a shining glow
What makes these full spectrum products high quality, premium CBD?

Unfortunately, the CBD industry is rampant with unregulated products and shady sellers who make outrageous claims about the health benefits of their CBD products. The worst examples can have them lying about their statements, and having testimonials backed by non-existent healthcare professionals.

These claims falsely exaggerate therapeutic benefits for certain mental health conditions that are sometimes associated with CBD effects. Perhaps they are advertising the free shipping of said product only to add the full shipping & handling costs at check-out time.

The first step in identifying the validity of a seller’s CBD products quality. Identifying and then analyzing what is written within the product label. The figures from the report should show the quality of the CBD extract and the purity of said compounds such as the removal of heavy metals.

Next, scan the quality level of the entire company that is selling the CBD products. Validate the reputation of the e-commerce store by asking one of the many following questions:

  1. Where do they source their cannabis crops from? Are their products made from USA-grown hemp or poor, low-quality outsourced international hemp?
  2. What is the time frame for receiving CBD products at your door? Do they offer fast & free shipping indicating a physical presence in the US or large shipping & handling fees along with a lengthy estimated time of arrival for the package?
  3. Do their products follow the FDA Regulations of Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Products or are they full of jargon buzzwords that falsely suggest evaluations from a healthcare professional such as the phrase “approved nonprescription CBD products”?

Full Spectrum CBD Cannabinoid Chart Breakdown

The full chart of five CBD spectrum cannabinoids and one cannabis mechanism includes:

  • Major Cannabinoids:
    • CBD- Cannabidiol, extracted concentrations result from 40% of cannabis plants. It has no outright intoxicating effects but does seem to induce relaxing & soothing neurological properties in its users.
    • Delta 9 THC- Tetrahydrocannabinol, the popular psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Affects various portions of the brain heavily associated with controlling movements, cognitive stimulation, memory storage & retrieval, and cognitive reasoning.
    • CBN- Cannabinol, Derived from THC if allowed to decay during naturally occurring oxidative processing. Will be present within cannabis plants that have been kept in storage for significant periods of time.
  • Minor Cannabinoids:
    • Delta 8 THC- Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, a molecule with identical atomic structure as delta 9 THC but in a different order. This gives it an effect that feels very similar to regular delta 9 THC.
    • CBC- Cannabichromene, has anti-inflammatory properties and is hypothesized to play a huge role in the cannabinoid effects dealing with the reduction, easing, and overall management of soreness.
  • Other compounds:
    • Terpenes – Thousands of other cannabis compounds and combinations that form variations of the “entourage effect“.

Broad Spectrum CBD Cannabinoids

Very similarly to full-spectrum CBD cannabinoids, the CBD extract which products used for broad-spectrum CBD products are nearly identical to the full-spectrum CBD composition with one important difference:

There are no delta 9 THC cannabinoids in broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD sets out to recreate the cocktail mixture of cannabis molecules that achieves the 100% authentic effects needed from full spectrum CBD oil.

There may be many reasons to avoid the cannabis delta 9 THC compound, but still want to experience the full results from the other cannabinoid’s entourage effect in the full spectrum CBD.

The cannabinoid profile can be identical to the full spectrum CBD compounds, with the only difference being the exclusion of the delta 9 THC molecule.

Unlike full-spectrum products that make use of the federally allowed amount of less than 0.3 THC content, the broad spectrum CBD oil-based products have any (0%) delta 9 THC molecules. Not even the smallest trace amounts of THC pieces can be in a broad-spectrum recipe.

Applying this new CBD type to the birthday cake example from earlier, if we take the THC compounds and say that they would be like gluten inside flour, then the broad-spectrum CBD oils are like the regular vanilla flavored cake, but the recipe replaces the gluten-containing flour with a gluten-free baking substitute powder.

As a slightly alternative version of the standard vanilla cake, this new ‘gluten-free’ variation aims to create an almost identical cake for those who wish to consume it without gluten (delta 9 THC content).

The remaining unchanged ingredients used in both full spectrum & broad spectrum CBD ‘cake recipes’ are the other cannabinoids besides THC that are still desired to be consumed together within the same CBD oil.

Benefits of broad spectrum CBD products

The benefits of using broad spectrum instead of full spectrum or isolated CBD are the ability to consume the critical ‘other cannabinoids’ that deliver the desired effects, slightly subtracting any of the effects from consuming any THC molecules.

What is Delta-9 THC and its role in both full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD?

Unlike other cannabinoid types, delta-9 THC has its own long list of nicknames. Tetrahydrocannabinol is one of cannabis’s most popular cannabinoid components, which are the psychoactive substances used for the recreational production of cannabis.

Although THC cannabinoids can get you intoxicated and alter your perception if consumed in high quantities, delta-9 THC offers many holistic benefits, specifically when combined with an entourage effect with all other cannabinoids.

broad spectrum CBD product examples

Knowing the main difference in two out of the three CBD types, broad-spectrum product use cases revolve around the use of hemp plant supplements that avoid THC. Scenarios can include any situations not limited to the following:

  • Allergen-sensitive people who wish to add this spectrum CBD oil into their skincare routine for invigorated nails & hair without THC because healthcare practitioners aren’t sure if it will have potential interactions on their immune systems.
  • Stressed-out individuals looking to take the edge off with a relaxing snack of CBD gummies but can’t ingest any amounts of THC no matter how small, just to be safe and avoid a positive drug test.
  • Wellness professionals conduct scientific testing comparing the difference of the THC compound when observing the feeling received from the effects of both broad-spectrum & full-spectrum CBD oils.
  • An overworked healthcare professional use CBD gummies to lower high strain from their stressful occupation without risking the impairment of motor functions so as to continue working long shifts without getting burned out.

Comparison of Full Spectrum CBD vs broad spectrum CBD products

As of the original writing of this article in 2022, there is yet to be any FDA-approved research published from clinical cannabis experimentation trials. Therefore, we only have speculations and overall theories as to the correlation of delta 9 THC parts within the entire layout of remaining cannabinoid compounds.

The little information that is known shows an important relationship between the two cannabinoids and their effects on each other. A full-spectrum CBD product is regarded by the majority of habitual CBD users as having the best overall feeling for CBD oil effects.

Why choose full spectrum CBD over broad spectrum?

With the aforementioned assumption about THC’s role in the spectrum CBD oil range of effects, many would opt to use full spectrum CBD oil rather than the possibly limiting reaction from broad spectrum CBD.

Unless you are avoiding THC compounds altogether as a precaution to avoid adulterated drug test results in an upcoming employment screening, we recommend trying the full spectrum CBD before moving on to the broad spectrum.

CBD Isolate Cannabinoids

The final CBD type is the only form that contains only a single cannabinoid in its composition. Although CBD has a stacked effect when absorbed within the same compound as all the cannabinoids, some studies suggest that the stress-relieving properties of cannabis are a direct result of the isolated CBD.

Also known by the name ‘pure CBD’, it is considered to be a singular CBD extract of the Cannabidiol cannabinoid (CBD). It is isolated from extracted hemp CBD oil by mixing it alongside carrier oil or pulling out the molecule via a laboratory process.

Because of this specific focus on a singular cannabinoid, there is no interaction with another cannabinoid. Similar to the broad spectrum CBD type, there are no trace elements of THC found within isolated CBD.

Inside the vanilla birthday cake analogy, remember how full spectrum CBD is equal to a normal recipe of a vanilla-flavored cake with all the ingredients coming together normally into a baked pastry. Since the taste of the cake is vanilla, making it the central focus of the cake, our flavoring will be the CBD cannabinoid component.

This means a CBD isolate metaphor would be the vanilla birthday cake flavoring extract instead of a traditional cake. The vanilla flavoring extract contains no other ingredients and is what gives the cake its entire flavor profile. Some people wish to use this in creative manners for entirely new ‘vanilla flavor’ or CBD oil products.

Benefits of CBD isolate products

Much like the further need for scientific studies with broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil, the solitary effect on humans from the CBD cannabinoid by being ingested on its own is also in the very early stages of its chemical understanding.

The benefits of products containing this pure CBD are within its specific use properties that the user wishes to apply. There are certain properties that one may want to experiment without the interference of all the remaining hemp plant compounds.

list of CBD isolate product examples

Since isolate CBD is the purest form of CBD, which has the highest levels of concentration of the Cannabidiol cannabinoid, it can be used in situations where none of the cannabis plant compounds can be present such as:

  • An athlete wishing to reduce swelling from a sport-related injury but wanting to be careful with cannabinoids that may trigger a false positive on a very strict anti-doping drug test.
  • A healthcare professional conducting scientific studies of full spectrum CBD oil entourage effect compared to the standalone results of isolate extract.
  • Crafting CBD gummies for a celebratory party where many guests will be introduced to CBD products for the first time, will remove all psychoactive components to ease newcomers into their first cannabinoid experience.

Comparison of Full Spectrum CBD vs isolate CBD products

Although isolated CBD is considered to be the ‘purest‘ form of CBD one can consume, full spectrum CBD is just as accurately regarded as the most ‘powerful‘ having the most notable effects.

How the CBD is processed and the initial quality of the hemp plant will determine the final overall ranking of both these two types and what you may experience after consuming either type.

Why choose full spectrum CBD over Isolate CBD products?

One can witness how an individual may seek to activate the effects known to belong to CBD on its own, such as stress reduction, without feeling any form of intoxicating effects that may result from the entourage effect brought on from the unwinding comfort feeling of full spectrum CBD products.

Does Full Spectrum CBD Oil Do Anything?

After reviewing all three types of CBD and comparing them to a vanilla birthday cake that you’re shopping for, you can now decide whether full spectrum CBD is the right form of CBD for your specific needs.

Because it is regarded as the most potent form of CBD, full-spectrum products will more than likely do many things that will be beneficial in their supplementation within a daily wellness routine.

Whether it’s revitalizing your epidermis to slow down aging, weathering skin cells, or a better alternative to other substances that take the edge off after a long and stressful day.

Full-spectrum CBD products, especially those coming from a trustworthy and reputable source, will do more than something random. It will serve multiple purposes to the widest range of issues when compared to broad spectrum and isolate CBD types.

Even if it is your first time trying CBD, we recommend choosing your favorite method of intake (such as delicious CBD sweets or rehydrating smoothening hand lotion) for one of our high-quality full spectrum products.If indeed it will be your first time indulging in CBD, our advice is, to begin with full spectrum CBD oil tincture drops or candy gum drop edibles and properly measure the correct dosage for your body statistics. There is no need to begin your CBD adventures with any of the other 2 types as long as you follow the recommended amount needed to ingest.

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