SuperMom Guide To Giving Your Dog CBD

Guide To Giving Your Dog CBD

Now, before anyone asks us if CBD is safe for dogs, we will start by saying that it is safe. You don’t have to worry about your four-legged friend getting sick. However, the other question(s) we often get asked is what are the best CBD treats to give my pup a sense of calm?

Another common question we get is will my dog see flying horses, aka get high from CBD oil or treats? The answer is no, not with Supermom’s Happy Dog Treats. Our CBD dog treats do not contain THC, which for those who don’t know, is the psychoactive compound that causes the so-called high. CBD isn’t toxic, but you do need to make sure that you purchase from a brand you can trust. Lastly, you don’t have to worry about your dog overdosing on CBD products.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

The most important thing you need to keep in mind is CBD dosage. Even though your dog can’t possibly overdose on it, you don’t want to waste money by giving them more than they need.

Generally, you will want to give your pup between 1 and 5mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, it depends on why you’re dosing them with CBD. You can also divide the dosage (like 1 CBD dog treat) into two doses a day.

Now before you add CBD to your pup’s diet, there are two things worth considering:

  • Young pups have very sensitive stomachs, which is why you will want to start with 1mg or even less – which would be just a piece of one of our CBD dog treats. This gives your pet enough time to adjust to the dose and the supplement. 
  • You do not want to exceed the recommended dose. Even though it is non-toxic, the higher doses will increase the risk of potential adverse effects.
  • For a small dog >25 lbs. – 1 treat
  • For a medium dog 25-55 lbs. – 2 treas
  • For a large dog <65 lbs. – 3 treats

At What Age Can You Give A Dog CBD?

When it comes to giving your pups CBD, age does not matter; CBD is perfectly safe for dogs of all ages and types. Like with any other supplement; you need to start with a low dose to see how your pup reacts and adjust the dose accordingly. 

Super Mom CBD Happy Dog Treats are not only safe for your puppy or dog, but have high-quality full-spectrum CBD that’s made for pets with no THC. Our CBD dog treats also contain organic ingredients such as dried peanut butter, banana powder, and oats. 

Why Give Your Pup CBD?

Well, there are a couple of reasons why you may decide to give your pup CBD or foods that contain CBD. CBD oil can help dogs cope with various chronic conditions, health issues, and even behavioral problems. Below are a couple of situations where CBD can benefit puppies and adult dogs.

Teething – CBD for puppies teething is perhaps its best use case. CBD helps with two things, the first being pain, and the second inflammation. Since it has many anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can lead to a decrease in gum inflammation. It is also an excellent supplement to manage pain, just as it is with human beings. CBD has also been shown to alleviate chronic pain, especially in older dogs, support mood, and help to decrease destructive chewing behavior.

Boost immunity – Similar to small children, puppies have an immune system that hasn’t fully developed. CBD oil can be instrumental in boosting immunity by mainly boosting gut health. It can also help increase the number of NK or natural killer immune cells and work as an anti-inflammatory. If anything, it means puppies live a healthier life.

Reduce hyperactivity and stress – Hyperactivity and stress can rear their naughty head in various forms, but CBD can help by promoting relaxation and calmness. It can help to aid puppies and dogs that may be suffering from hyper behavior and stress. CBD works as a mood balancer and reduces instances of noise-induced stress and aggressiveness. It can also help increase total sleep time and sleep quality, ensuring a healthy life. No more coming home to shredded toilet paper or ruined shoes!

Allergies – The use of CBD can help to inhibit the histamine release, which is a mouthful, but basically means allergy protection. It can help to prevent disease and improve skin health. It can help dogs that suffer from atopic dermatitis, food allergies, and contact allergies. Many puppies suffer from allergies, so this is certainly a crucial CBD oil use case.

Epileptic seizures – Results from a few studies conducted at the Colorado State University showed that CBD did hold some promise for dogs with epilepsy. It is an anti-epileptic supplement that helps to balance the dog’s nervous system and reduce its intensity. Furthermore, it can boost the effects of drugs used for the condition.


CBD products are great for puppies and dogs of all ages. Even if there is nothing physically wrong with your pup’s health, a few CBD treats can help keep things that way (with the correct dosage). However, it is essential to choose the right, high-quality CBD treats, which, fortunately, you can find right here at SuperMom. Our CBD dog treats help keep your pup happy, healthy, and stress-free to ensure that they grow up to be strong dogs and live long, healthy lives. Ready to give SuperMom a try? Check out our shop to learn more about our full-spectrum, all-natural CBD products, and get 10% off your first purchase by using the code TRYSUPERMOM10 at checkout.

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