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SUPERMOM saves the day

Being a mom = superhero powers! Your multitasking skills are at an all-time high all day every day. It would be great to just sit back and relax and take the edge off sometimes, especially when “drop-off line Karen” is honking at you at 8am in the school parking lot. Well, look no further than SuperMom to help you out. Our products are all-natural and designed to go from feeling like a zero to a Superhero.


Quiet your mind and bring on the calm. Ease your daily stresses with a quick drop of Chill Pill or a mid-day treat with Mommy Candy. SuperMom tip: Try our Happy Dog Treats for your pup!


Relieve muscle aches and pain with all-natural, organic ingredients. A quick rub of Muscle Magic can help soothe muscle tension all while giving your body a natural glow with Get Glow.


Mom’s need sleep too! Pick your favorite SuperMom product, relax and get a good night’s rest and wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day. 

*Effects and doses may vary per person.

Our story

Supermom CBD was founded in 2020 with our number one goal being to help hard-working moms bring relief and balance within their hectic lives. We’ve brought together some of the best CBD processes to bring all-natural alternatives to health and wellness with our award-winning full-spectrum CBD. Our wide array of products include tinctures, lotions, salves, gumdrops, fruit chews, and dog treats for your furry babies!
The best CBD For moms

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