How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Many people are starting to use CBD, with the majority starting with consuming CBD gummies for the first time. Gummies make it easier and faster for anyone to get their daily dose of CBD without much fuss. The question that often gets asked is how much is too much? Should you only consume a single gummy, or is consuming a dozen gummies going overboard?

The problem with answering this question is that there is no clear answer. Everyone is different, so the dose someone opts for will be based on multiple factors, including tolerance.

Generally speaking, the best approach is to start with a small amount and then gradually increase it once you start seeing results. But as with everything else, things aren’t so simple, which is why it is worth considering the nuances associated with consuming CBD gummies.

Consider the Factors that Determine the Correct CBD Dosage

Many people who want to know how many CBD gummies to consume want a straight and simple answer. Something like maybe take one for a mild headache, two for sleep, and three for knee pain. But in the world of CBD gummies, that’s not how it works.

You can buy CBD gummies in many different potencies, starting from 5 mg gummies, with ones that go all the way up to 25mg of CBD per gummy. Sure, you can take 3x 5mg gummies, but taking 3x of 25mg gummies may probably not be the best idea for you. 

You will want to start with a single gummy and then slowly work your way up to what gives you the best results. For example, our Mommy Candy CBD gummies are 11.688mg each gummy, with the 2 gummies being the recommended average dose. You can start with 1 gummy and move up to 2, or maybe you still need an extra kick of calm,  you can work your way up to 3 CBD gummies.

The right dosage or the number of gummies you consume will mainly depend on a couple of factors such as:

  • Bioavailability
  • Condition you’re trying to treat
  • Bodyweight
  • Body chemistry (unique to everyone)
  • The potency of the CBD gummy

You will want to consider these factors when deciding how many CBD gummies to consume. However, there is some trial and error involved to find what works best for you.

Bodyweight Consideration

Most people may consider the term “lightweight” as something that refers to a person that tends to get drunk after a few shots of tequila. Heavyweight users, in contrast, can drink a few bottles a night.

The same terms apply to the health supplements world, which means that a lightweight user may not need as much CBD. So, it shouldn’t be considered an insult; instead, it is a colloquial way of describing how your body metabolizes CBD.

Weight is a major indicator of how your body processes a set of compounds like CBD and a few other health supplements. Bodyweight can be used to establish where to start or your starting dose, and then that can be adjusted accordingly if you want to experience a more intense effect.

Below is a chart that shows the relationship between body weight and how much CBD to start with:

  • Weight that’s less than 130 lbs – can start with up to 11mg of CBD gummies
  • Between 130 and 230 lbs can start with up to 18mg
  • Above 230lbs can start with around 23mg

We understand that the aforementioned categories are broad when it comes to finding a reference point that works for you. For instance, there is a difference between a 130 lb person and a 230 lb person. So, 11mg is probably too much for someone under 130 lbs, but nowhere near how much a 230 lbs person should be taking.

It is also possible to calculate the dosage by consuming 1-5mg per 10lbs of bodyweight. Take your body weight and divide it by ten, and you’ll figure out where to start. It is possible to start at the low end, and if that does not provide you relief, increase the dose slowly until you start experiencing a difference.

The Speed of Your Metabolism

It generally means what type of lifestyle you have. Usually, an active person will have a much higher metabolism compared to someone who sits at a desk all day long.

The other thing you need to consider is what types of foods are generally consumed? Do you eat mostly nutrient-rich foods, or are you mainly eating sugary food?

Your metabolism is a major factor in considering the right CBD dosage because it affects the rate at which the body can process the cannabis compound.

Generally, taking CBD gummies on an empty stomach will mean that you see results sooner. If you want slower, more pronounced effects, consume them (gummies) after a meal. This approach increases the bioavailability of CBD, ensuring that all the active ingredients enter your bloodstream.

Potency Of The Gummies

The body’s tolerance is just one of the many factors to consider when identifying a dose. If you are aiming for a more effective dose, sometimes that would mean consuming more CBD gummies than most other people.

The doses we’ve listed above are conservative and based on you experiencing mild effects. But the doses can be changed to what works for you.

Moderate effects are defined as being increased relief from various types of pain and improved stress management. We define strong effects as doses that are used to ease lots of physical and mental discomfort.

Generally speaking, people weighing under 130lbs can do with relatively low doses of CBD gummies, i.e., fewer gummies. But since we are all different, you should consider many other factors. Honestly, there isn’t an exact science for you in particular.

So, How Many CBD Gummies Should You Be Eating?

As a general rule of thumb, around 1-5 gummies, a day is a good start. There is also no universal dosage that everyone can take. But there are a couple of hacks, as mentioned earlier in this article, to correctly gauge the number of gummies you should consume daily.If you are thinking about where to start we’d say give our Mommy Candy a shot, with CBD gummies with 5 mouth watering flavors with each gummy imbued with 11.688 mg of CBD. If you’re feeling adventurous try our  Mom of the Year CBD fruit chews. Get 10% off your first purchase with the code trysupermom10 at checkout. Shop Now!

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