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CBD Dog Treats

Dogs have a lot to offer to us - what would we do without them? While they will love you unconditionally, sometimes they do make life harder. From fears of thunderstorms to velcro dogs, CBD dog treats may be the treat you need to keep Fido on his best behavior.

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What are CBD Dog Treats?

Humans have been using CBD products for centuries, and now research shows that CBD products are non toxic and equally suitable for pets. In fact, according to the Veterinary Information Network survey, approximately 79% of the vets give dogs CBD. CBD Dog treats have all the goodness of regular dog treats, but come with the sense of calm you’re looking for. 

How do CBD dog treats work?

CBD dog treats work similarly to CBD you would normally take. The CBD in treats is typically ingested in about 30 minutes, and you will begin to see your dog sit back and relax. Like other treats, CBD dog treats are made with various ingredients so be sure to read ingredient labels before purchasing. Most popular treats are made with oats and naturally derived CBD from hemp which will support a well-rested and rejuvenated Fido.

How many CBD treats should I give my dog?

Moderation is key when feeding your pet CBD treats. The amount of CBD dog treats you give to your pup will vary based on the size of your dog. We recommend reading the directions on the package to ensure you are feeding your dog the right amount of CBD treats.

How long do CBD Dog Treats last?

CBD treats last about 8 hours in your dog’s system. There are a few expectations to this based on your dog’s weight, breed, and activity level. For example, older dogs typically have slow digestive systems and will take longer to digest the treat.

Before buying CBD dog treats, do your research!


It’s important to trust what you’re feeding your pets. Look for CBD brands who carefully craft their CBD products and are transparent with their ingredients. A credible CBd brand will provide Certificates of Analysis to ensure their labels are truthful.

Sourcing Hemp and Extraction Process

Credible and quality CBD brands are transparent on how they source their hemp. You’ll find that growing conditions and extraction methods will affect the quality of the CBD, and by choosing CBD brands that use natural ingredients and methods, such as the Rosin Press method, you are selecting one of the most natural forms of CBD on the market.

Brand Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Since CBD is not FDA approved and regulated, it’s important to choose a transparent CBD brand you trust. Often positive customer reviews can be a sign of a credible and quality CBD company as well as shopping local.

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