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You don’t have to do it all on your own anymore. You're with Supermom.

Full Spectrum, Hand Pressed & All-Natural


christan review
“The pressures of a busy mom seem to lighten enough so that I sleep better and am more present, rather than spinning about the never ending to do list and deadlines of a busy working mom.”
Christan F.
“The Chill Pill tincture that I take at night (just 1/2 of the dropper) has really improved my sleep! Fall asleep pretty quick and stay asleep full 7-8 hours! I LOVE the GET Glow! I find it’s so very effective for my sore muscles! I’ll be ordering more!”
Dawn P.
casey review
“After taking Muscle Magic I realized it can greatly reduce the pain I was feeling in my neck. I use the Muscle Magic before I go to bed and when I wake up my neck pain is gone! I love using Chill Pill before bed too, it totally relaxes me.”
Casey B.
Chill Pill
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A natural supplement to help improve relaxation, manage stress, and improve sleepless nights.
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Hosts strong antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties & overall wellness.
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Can bring relief to people who suffer from chronic pain to bring balance back into their lives.

High quality CBD products delivered to your door.

Let us help get your mind and body in balance.

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Chill Pill

Eases your body and mind into calm clarity.

mommy candy hm

Stash these in your bag for bite sized happiness.

Muscle Magic

Eases muscle tension from workouts or carrying little ones.

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